Levels of Karate

Karate can be a profound way to improve your health, increase your coordination and posture, and give you clarity of mind that can be applied to all areas of your life. Check out our blog about the benefits of karate.

However, when considering karate for yourself or your child, it’s important to know everything you can about the sport that requires a lot of dedication. As a karate student, there are levels one can achieve. What are the Karate levels?

To start off with, you’ll be considered a white belt. This is the lowest level, and you’ll be working through some of the basic stances and moves. There is only level of white belt.

After showing proficiency in some basic moves, you’ll move on to the yellow belts. There are several of these. For example, if you study Karate in MIddlesex County, you are likely to experience one yellow belt level, and four orange belt levels. This is still considered to be a beginner area.

Next you move into the intermediate range, with blue and purple belts. Each has a variety of ranks. Once you get passed the purple range, you’ll move into the brown belt. There is only one of these.

After brown belt, you’ll get your first level black belt. Since there are ten levels of black belts, you can speed a lifetime progressing through these levels. Many of the most experienced experts you’ll find are fourth or fifth level black belts. Because the training is so rigorous, yet the skills so incredibly useful in daily life, most people who start learning Karate realize it’s something they’ll do for life.

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